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Be Happy Now

So many people put their joy on hold until they fulfill the great desire of their heart. Some singles are never pacified despite their achievement until they get married. Believe me if you are unhappy now because you have no spouse, you would still be unhappy after marriage.. A new phase in life comes with new challenges. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Be happy now. Make up your mind to be happy, it is your choice


It baffles me to see so many single ladies desperately in search of husbands. Do not get me wrong, I am totally in support of marriage but it should not be the only focus in ones life. Get a career, education, use whatever talent you have to help yourself and others around you. Above all build a good relationship with God, which will help you to sustain your marriage when it comes.
There are so many things you can achieve now as a single person that you may not find easy to achieve when children and family life begin. Be happy as a single, prepare yourself ready for marriage. Marriage will come at the right time.


You cannot  chase happiness. It is not something  you pursue or you  can buy .
Happiness  is not something  outside, it is inside of you. Therefore until you make up your mind to be happy regardless  of your situation, you will continue  to seek happiness. Decide now to be happy, it's  already within you, just bring it out. Be happy!


Never expect things to just happen, struggle and make them happen. Make that great relationship, marriage to happen. Never yourself to be given a good value, create a value of your own. If you want to attract the best of the opposite sex, you must make yourself the best. You cannot be bronze and you are aiming for gold.
If you want the best marriage, relationships, put in more effort.


Some people go into marital relationships believing love is enough to overcome all the challenges that marriage brings. Mind you,  I strongly support that love is the number one key for a successful  marriage. But love is certainly not enough.
Marriage is more than love, you need good attitude, financial resources and the support of God to make a success of it. When you go into marriage with the wrong attitude- Selfishness, Unforgiving attitude, Fault-finding, Seeking only your pleasure; your relationship is bound to hit the rock. In addition, it is foolhardy to believe that love can sustain your relationship without money. Both parties need to work hard to have enough money for your basic needs.
Above all, if you are one of those who do not believe in God or do not think they need the Creator to succeed in life, then do not venture into marriage. You must constantly pray for yourself, your partner and the entire family. Allow God to be the head of your home and then you will succeed.


One hurts you so that you may find someone who can heal you, if nobody is there to hurt you, you will never know  the person who cares for you.
Unfortunately some people get so discouraged by past hurts that they block anyone who tries to come close to them. Remember, when one road close, another opens.  Never give up!