Friday, September 17, 2010


There is an adage which says that "your attitude determines your altitude" this is true in every ramification of life.Before we begin,let me ask you a personal question:what is your attitude to life generally? Are you a positive person or negative,are you a peaceful person or are you stubborn and aggressive? Do you see the good in other people or are you quick to find fault in them?An honest self-examination will show you,your true character.
In life,we face varied situations,some good and others negatives and it your attitude towards the negative situations that will determine how far you go.For instance,two people are jilted about the same time in their relationships,the first one tries her best to put the bad experience behind,by focusing on things that will improve her life-education,career,getting closer to God in worship;along the line she meets a wonderful man and find true love.The second lady is bitter,refuse to be consoled and believes that all men are the same with the one that jilted her,invariably.she may end up a loser in her personal relationships because of her negative attitude.
Attitude also affect our ability to succeed in our career and business.Many people have failed in various business ventures,not because they were not capable but because of there terrible attitude to work and to people they come in contact with.Cordiality and friendliness would go a long way to enhance your business.In the office,do away with arrogance,laziness,let hard work and and friendliness be your watchword!
Finally,endeavor to change every negative in you,it may not be easy,but with determination and by constantly remembering the benefits of having the right attitude you will succeed!