Monday, December 20, 2010


This period of the year is always regarded as the season of joy.But to some people,there is nothing to be joyful about,as such,they have refused to be happy.
This could be as a result of the unpalatable experiences they had encountered during the year.
Beloved,whatever the situation,we have every reason to be glad and rejoice!
If you wait for things to change in your life before embracing happiness,you may have to wait for ever.Remember,as long as we live,we will always have needs and desires; as one is being meant, another one surfaces,therefore it is pointless putting your happiness on hold because things have not gone as planned in your life.
One fact of life is know that we can choose to be happy no matter the situation.It does not matter that you are still single at this time of the year when you had thought otherwise at the beginning; it does not matter  that you had heartbreak this year in your relationships;It does not even matter that you are not even in any meaningful relationship,be happy, things will change for good for you.
Being happy does not always mean you have everything you need,it is the ability to be contented and hope for the best no matter the situation.So my dear friend, choose to be happy from now on,spread love and happiness to others,people love to be around cheerful people.
When you give love and joy, you receive more in return.Finally,please thank the almighty God for what he has done so far in your life and ask him to do more.Now, it is time for us to celebrate in this festive season, be happy now!