Thursday, March 17, 2011


The "Now Syndrome" has become rampant in the recent years.Almost everybody is eager to have the good things of life now, many people are not ready to wait anymore.They want to get married now! They want to have children now!They want to become rich now!They want to reach the apex of their career now! It is not possible! Even the almighty God did not create the world in one day. There is always a sequence to every good success in life.Whether we like it or not,we must patiently work hard and wait for certain achievements in life. REASONS WHY PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER PATIENT; 1,Unnecessary comparisons:Some people are found of comparing themselves to other people.In the process they get discouraged when they feel that they have not achieved as much as their friends,age groups and others.Always remember that our destinies differs, the person you think is above you today, can be below tomorrow.Moreover you are not in this world to compete with anybody but to do your own best and leave the rest to God. 2,The age of technology:The technological advancement taking place in the world has given some people the illusion that there is nothing they cannot achieve on their own, as such they pursue anything they desire on their own leaving God out of it.Whether you believe it or not God always has a hand in every good success in your life,except those you manipulate to happen which invariably do not last. WHAT DO YOU DO; a,Relax, as long as what you want is good and its God' will, you will have it, with hard work and patience and prayers. b,Use the time of waiting to prepare.For instance, if your desire is to get married,prepare yourself physically,financially and spiritually. c,Remember the grass always look greener on the other side,those your are thinking are better than you, might even be envious of you.Therefore, while you strive hard to achieve your desires, be patient,and always commit everything to God in prayers.Cheers!