Monday, May 9, 2011

Is marriage compulsory?

I think I might be stirring up a debate here.What is your honest view on marriage.
So many people cannot envisage life without a spouse, as such they see marriage as a must in their life. Others see it as something good, but certainly not 'a do or die affair' and there is yet another group  could not be bothered whether they get marry or not.
Which category do you belong to?
Now let me give you my own view; Marriage is good and it is something to look forward to in life but it is certainly not 'a do or die affair' You can achieve so much in life without getting married.If you think you can only be happy when you have a partner, you maybe terribly wrong.A spouse is not the source of happiness.God is your source of joy, depending on the quality of relationship you have with him.
Therefore it would be foolhardy to wait till you get marriage before you allow yourself to be happy.It does not matter, the level of provocation and pressure from family and the society for you to get married,refuse to become desperate,after all no one can live your life you.
Instead, prayerfully and carefully wait for the right man/woman to come.Marriage is serious business! You whocannot afford to make mistake. As you wait for' mister or miss right' endeavor to prepare yourself ready.There must be physical,spiritual and economic preparation.Be physically ready,spiritually sound-have a good relationship with God.You cannot make a success of any good thing in life without God.And of course,you must be financially ready. Do not deceive yourself by thinking that love alone is enough,you also to establish the other factors raised before marriage.
This is my view.What is yours?