Sunday, November 6, 2011


Many people are in the wrong relationships, marriage, profession today because they did not have the courage to say no at the very beginning. The idea of pleasing the family, friends and the society has brought many into situations of frustrations and regret. You do not have to get married to that individual you do not love, just to satisfy others who believe that you are over-ripe for marriage at thirty plus. In fact you do not have to be in any relationships, where you are clearly not happy, just to meet the expectation of others waiting to see such relationship culminate into marriage. The ability to have a mind and personal principles in life is very important; without this, there is the tendency for you to dance to people opinion to the detriment of your wellbeing. and personal satisfaction. Always know what you want in every situation to avoid mistake. When in doubt do the following; 1,Carefully assess the situation base on facts and not emotions. 2,Prayerfully determine what is right or best for you at that point in time. Always seek God in everything you do. 3, Consult trusted friends, family, clergy or counselor when still in doubt on what to do. 4,Do not say YES when what you actually feel is a NO